The SPIDER PLUS Project is making sure that the best knowledge base is secured by accessing the skills and competences of external experts from outside the consortium. The work package leaders, together with the project administrator and technical coordinator HaCon, New Opera and KombiConsult organize specific workshops for discussing the relevant issues needing elaboration and feedback from both the marketplace and the Academia world.

The working groups, when presenting the intermediate or preliminary work of their research, have the opportunity of accessing the expert groups making sure that the ultimate results are credible and reliable.

The SPIDER PLUS Project consortium coordinates these workshops constituted by the partners themselves and the two experts’ networks, as applicable

The Network of Expertise is business driven. The business community has a Vision approach bound to be influenced by the existing practices, habits, perceptions, needs, behaviors and profit margins. The Network of Expertise is being created for sharing future mobility needs with the network of Vision constituted by Academia.

The SPIDER PLUS Project activates whenever necessary the Network of Expertise incorporating a number of passengers and freight railways undertakings, co-modal operators, infrastructure managers, transport and logistics, users, customers, integrators, associations, public transport organizations, securing a European wide coverage.

The Network of Academia is vision driven. The Academia Professors of leading Universities from all over Europe, having recognized expertise in transport, engineering, urban and mobility planning both for passengers and freight, are more influenced by visioning on a European and Worldwide basis.

The Network of vision is suited for looking at future scenarios imagining the emerging necessities. It is within the Academia and Research Institutes that “Think Tanks” are developed. The ideas emerging from these think tanks constitute the drivers for improving existing practices and the citizens’ life quality.

The SPIDER PLUS Project, through the Network of Academia accesses the highest competences for the mobility vision of the future.